928 Fan Controller Repair


Porsche cooling fans in a 928-S4, GT or GTS model are operated by a power stage that often fails after many years of service. The power stage is located in front of the engine compartment.

Common symptoms of a broken 928 fan controller are:

  • One fan is running at full power while the other fan is not running at all.
  • Both fans do not run.

  • 928-ecu-repair repairs the fan power stage and make it run within specs again. Repair involves sending in the broken unit and get a replacement unit in return.

    928 fan controller.

    Warrant and prices

    928-ecu-repair offers a 1 year warranty on replaced parts and labor. Any obvious abuse of the unit will render the warranty invalid. Modifications to the car's systems are beyond our control, and are at owners' risk. Please email us for a quotation for your 928 Fan controller repair. Our preferred payment method is bank transfer (or Paypal for our international clients).

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